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update on mine....

best i can tell, and from my expirence with breaking BIG turbines in the navy...

here is what happened...

the cliff notes version.

Somewhere along the line i developed a thermal stress crack in one of the hot side blades. probably due to the pressure and temperature transients from blowing the spark out at 24+ lbs. this is basically the same and anti-lag.
Anti-lag type charaestics at a very high Pressure ratio and flow are really really bad.
so what happened was at around 22-24 lbs of boost, on alky around 4700 rpms, high egts, one of teh turbine blades failed near the blade root and caused a chain reaction failure which resulted ALL turbine blade being damaged to some degree, two are gone completely, four more have chuncks missing and teh rest are all bent. the bearings are hosed. all of the compressor blades came in contact with the housing and are bent.

so basically, i am using a FP20G for a paperweight right now and seeing if i have the cash to get it fixed.

oh well, i guess i'll call Forced Performance in teh morning.

this really really blows. or in teh turbo's case, doesn't blow. or suck, or do much of anything, it jsut sits there.

*the conclusions above are based on my expirence with full size gas turbines in teh navy. every other option that would cause this failue mode was investiagted and dismissed by other evidence.
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