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Scottie, whatever the reasons may be, and it seems that Subaru has not figured them out in more than a decade because inverted strut STis have been clunking since the first appearance in Japan of an inverted strut STi, the fact remains that they clunk. You can take the strut apart and regrease it and it will clunk soon after. Grease seems to help about as long as spraying LPS lube at the seal and hoping some gets through the seal (which it does, which seems to indicate not the best seal in the world). That clunking, however, seems independent of the high speed compression damping issue.

I have not seen the damping curves, but I would imagine the shocks have some insane amount of ... energy of activation? Yeah, stiction, whatever you want to call it, because I can tell you if a penny is facing heads or tails, despite having only 200 lbs springs. Like I said before, meanwhile, with a car running on KWs, Ohlins, Penskes, DMS 50s, etc etc etc., the spring rate can be much higher and you don't get that problem. So strut valving curves or not, there's something wrong with the OE struts that manifests itself in a way that is remarkably similar to too much high speed compression damping.

If they fixed that on the new STI Limited, that alone might be worth the $5k I'll be upside-down on a swap (yeah yeah, that same $5k would get me a sweet coilover setup... I know, I'm involved in professional racing... but... the whole combination of factors - subtle looks, improvements since 2005, heated seats, etc., that make it worth the upgrade to me). Heck, this new car will probably replace my STi and OXT as the one Subaru in my stable... and I'll probably bump up to an X-terra for my off-roading duties (able to crawl better, front seats fold to provide more than 7 feet of sleeping length, etc).

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