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Originally Posted by damianq
!!! DO NOT let your wife go to the chiropactor !!! THEY ARE NOT LICSENCED/RECOGNIZED MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS IN CANADA! You will completely void any chance of an injury claim by going to anyone other than someone recognized by the Canadian College of Physicians & Surgeons. Furthermore, by being denied a physical claim it greatly reduces the chances of making any other sort of claim other than immediate property damage & immediate out of pocket expenses. I have been fighting w/ insurance companies for almost 7 years. You learn a few things about how they are allowed to operate in the country/province. Please be careful, talk to a lawyer right away if your wife shows any signs of discomfort whatsoever. Second call after your family doctor. Log everything ON PAPER. I am sorry for your luck, hope she's okay...

Other than that. I prefer showcase. Funny enough, thier color matching is better, I've found. Used both places, both high quality. Showcase just looked better, IMHO.
Thanks for the advice, but yes, they are licensed and recognized medical practitioners. They are classified as medical practitioners and have the Dr. designation before their names. Maybe things were different when you had your accident, but we've spoken with our insurers and as well have gotten paperwork from our Chiropractor (who is a personal friend as well) that even shows that we only need her diagnosis regarding an injury of this sort for the claim. Our insurance company did, however, tell us that it would be a good idea to see a medical doctor throughout the course of her treatment as well to further help our case. The problem with her seeing a medical doctor is that, like many others, we don't actually have a family doctor, so she is going to have to see the same doctor repeatedly that she gets given at a given Medicenter (hardly what we want for a regimen to treat whiplash). And yes, we were advised to document everything ie) missed time at work or working with discomfort, job duties that can't be performed, etc.

She was diagnosed with grade 2 whiplash by our Chiropractor, and by law our insurance company has to pay for 21 visits to the chiropractor/massage therapist. It's not a serious whiplash, meaning there is no ligament damage and should be no chronic problems with it once it heals; just muscle pain and subluxations of the cervical spine right now. So she is in alot of discomfort now and likely will be for another couple of weeks, but will be totally normal once it heals. She will see the doctor just for the documentation; we are entrusting her medical care to the chiropractor we know and trust (she has helped me with my bad back a great deal as well). I'm sure your advice is given with only good intentions and we appreciate it, but i think we're on the right course for treatment.

As far as a lawyer goes, i don't think we'll be using their services. I have no idea what price my wife's pain and suffering is worth (and how it can possibly even be determined), but we are thinking we will wait and see what the insurance company offers and probably take it. Our only experience with a lawyer was with trying to get child support from a deadbeat Dad and that experience was nothing but expenses and hassles for almost nothing. We're not interested in trying to get alot of money out of this, my wife just wants her car fixed and her neck to feel better. A lawyer just seems to be alot of hassle for a non-permanent injury. But i would appreciate any advice regarding the "pain and suffering" area. Anyone's experiences would be appreciated

Sorry for the long-winded reply

PS: when i visited Showcase before, he seemed to be pretty on top of color-matching; really seemed to know what he was talking about, so, good to hear that.
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