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[quote=PacmanGSX]So if you see a pile of dog poop and you spray it with air freshner does that make it any better? No, it's still dog poop. RA gears suck, even if you spray them, polish them and freeze them guess what, they're still poop. PPG Rocks! QUOTE]

Thanks for your truly enlightening comment!

Obviously your small brain is not capable of comprehending even the most basic points being made. For one, I am not here comparing RA gears with PPG gears. The references to the RA gears are intended for comparison to the stock WRX gears. The majority of the points made are to show why there are gear failures with the WRX in the first place.

With regards to the cryo, microfinishing, and shot peening processes....these things are relevant to any gearset. Its basic metallurgy. These processes are being used and evaluated by many gear manufacturers and many top level race teams from Nascar to Formula 1.

PPG makes a good product and we are actually evaluating the possibility of carrying their products. However, there is a legitimate place for the RA gearset. If you had a bad experience with the RA gearset (assuming for a moment you are even speaking from any real world experience) its probably because of one of the following reasons:

1) You are expecting to "spin wheels" at every stop light to show off your "driving skills"

2) You are using an inappropriate clutch for the gears.

3) You are at least doubling the stock torque or power output of the engine and expecting the gears to do some amazing tricks to hold themselves together.

The bottom line is that if you have $4000+ to spend on a gearset and need it to support a lot of power then by all means buy the PPG gearset. If you want to spend just a fraction of that amount to get something considerably better than stock then the RA gearset is a legitimate option. The fact that we strive to improve it by putting it through additional treatments might make the decision not to spend $4000+ a little easier for some people. Regardless of what gearset you should know the limitiations of what you are buying. And that is the bottom line as far as what information I am trying to put out there. I could be like most other dealers out there and say "Buy my insert gearset name here because its bullet proof." but not give any supporting data or even an explanation of why its bullet proof (when there is no such thing).

But if you prefer that I keep my posts to myself, believe me I am more than happy to do so.

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