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Functional description of the foglight switch pins:

1 3
2 6

#1- ground for the ON bulb.
#2- ground for the illumination bulb (this ground actually varies depending on the brightness of your dash)
#3- +12 volts when key is on ACC (powers both ON light and relay)
#4- +12 volts for illumination bulb when dash is illuminated
#5- out to relay
#6- same as above (can be used for another relay)

Note: This diagram is for sending power through the switch to a relay for aux lighting. Pins 3 and 5 are what short together when the switch is on. Pin 6 is another pin 5.

(I noticed that the spare switch that I got is missing wire #6 from the plug inside the car - just an observation to be aware of)

Pulling the ABS fuse (aka opening the circuit) is what turns off ABS, right? In order to do this safely with a switch, your switch would have to be able to handle all the current (however many amps the fuse is rated for). Problem is, the switch probably isn't rated for that amperage. Here's how you should connect it:

I would connect pins 2 and 4 to pins 2 and 4 on your actual foglight switch (assuming you have one - you should at least have the wiring for it under the dash) so you get the illumination feature. Connect pin 1 to ground (a jumper to the metal dash bracket works fine).

Pin 3 should be connected to accessory or ignition (a 12V source that's only on when the car's on). Pin 5 should be connected to the #86 post on a standard automotive relay, #85 post to ground. #87 to the ABS fuse, and the wire that was connected to the fuse to the #30 post on the relay. What this does, is allow the output on pin 5 to trigger a connection between posts #87 and #30, connecting the ABS fuse, enabling ABS. Turning the switch off, disconnects the fuse, disabling ABS. (You may want to find a 5-post relay, with a #87a post, which is normally connected - this way if you use #87a instead of #87, the switch works opposite (switch on disables ABS), and if for some reason the switch fails, ABS will default to on).

No time to draw up a schematic now, but if you need more help, PM me and I'll get one to ya.

I've taken off that label, and it's just a thick (~1mm) layered plastic sticker. The milky-white for the label is on the back, and the black is in the middle of it. It seems unlikely you'd be able to change it w/o making a new one. Taking it off reveals holes that you can see the lamps through. If you plan on opening the switch (which is how I got the sticker off), be careful, as there's springs and small clips in there that like to go flying. Don't ask how I know... It's a real pain to get it back together again.

Hopefully that helped, good luck!
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