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Default Cops, Radar, Rights.

Are there radar guns/detectors that can tell how fast a car in front of you is moving?

How long does it take to work.

If you see a cop on the side of the road, once you see him, if you slow down, is it a lost cause, Does he already have you tagged/pegged/scanned?

What are the rules when you get pulled over?

Is the cop suppose to be yelling/angry?
Does he have the right to be rude?
Do I have to deal with it, listen to it?

I went to the Tai New Years Festival with Wife and a friend. Afterwards we ended up driving to McDonnalds and getting food. On the way back to our house to eat the food, I am turning left at a stop light that just turned yellow.

I speed up a little, slow down for the corner, make the light without red...

Now i'm on the onramp... and there is a truck, or SUV or something RIGHT on my a$$... I mention to my wife and friend that This guy is right behind me....I drop it a few gears and get moving, thinking I might have just cut him off.

Once i'm on the Highway, I slow down a little (I couldn't have been going THAT fast...) put it into 6th gear, and set the cruise control...

He comes back up RIGHT on my a$$.. i mention outloud hes back on me again.. So I dropped it to 4rth, and i'm thinking, should I gun it, or just slow down suddently and do a brake check?

I decided i'm going to slow down, so i'm about to take my foot off that gas, as his Lights turn on, and he pulls me over.........

He walks up to me, rudely asks,
Officer:Whats the speed limit?
Rack: 65
Officero you know how fast you were going?
Rack: no
Officer: Can you tell me why you were going over 100MPH?
Rack:You came up on my fast, and I thought you were going to hit me, so I sped up.
Officer:That no excuse, you could have pulled over to the side.
Rack:yes sir. (nicely)
Officer:Why did you speed up, you knew I was a cop.
Rack:I didn't know you were a cop.
Officer: You could see me coming down huffman. (Facing me, all I could see were his headlights, could have been any SUV/Truck)
Officer: Let me see you Drivers Licence, Proof of Insurance, And Registration..
Rack: (after fumbling around for a while looking for my reg...)Can you give me a bit to look for it.
Rack:Here you go....
Officer: Do you know how much a 100MPH Ticket costs?
Rack: No.
Officer: I'll be right back.
Rackstarts talking with wife and friend about how confused I am)
Officer: A 100Mph ticket, for that little exceleration stunt you pulled would have cost you $300, and 10 points off your licence, leaving you with 2 points for the rest of the year. If you had been going that fast, and a moose came out in front of you, She woudl be dead, he would be dead, and you woudl be dead... (he goes on to explain how much damage a moose could do to my car).
Rack:Yes sir.
Officer: Ok, you need to slow down, have a nice day.

........ I honestly do not think I was going much past 70, if is was at all, I didn't really look, but I wasn't driving around looking for trouble that night, I was on the way home to eat.
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