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Originally Posted by S4AVT
go to court and say that cop intended to issue me a ticket.

caps can't do any action like what you discribed to issue a ticket

it's against the law..

I am for sure..

I win one because cop cut me off right before light and gave me ticket for running red light..

and I went to court and said he cut me off right before the light and I had no choice..

and judge asked cop why he did it so.. and cop said because he was driving too fast..

and ofcourse that doesnt make any sense..

so judge gave his hand on me..

said officer made it on purpose to give him a ticket..

dismissed...!! lol!!

and right after cop gets out of the court he threw his paper to trash and looked me with stinky eyes while I am smiling..
You're not very good with english, nor with giving legal advise. Why would he go to court if he wasn't cited? The clerks would be able to do anything.

I can't speak for that cop specifically, but I know alot of the time they ride your ass to run your plate. If he really was continually tailgating you then he was also in the wrong, but there was no need for you to speed up like that. I would and do just slow down and make them go around. Lasers are used when parked, like on the side of the road. There is a radar unit mounted in the front & the back, if he was behind you, he just needs to be going 10 mph or more slower than you to get an accurate reading. Some cops are rude, because some people are rude, at least you just got a warning. And just for info, I know everyone loves to make the "quota" remarks, but there is no such thing.
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