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well I never delt with the smt systems. but I have delt with there ems systems. heres my story on them
about 3 years ago i built a engine for my toyota, I looked over about 5 different ems systems out there, and was told the prs system was the easiest to work with I talked with tuners, and perfect power about 3 times i explained to them want i built and my future plans ect.. and they reccommended me to use there prs8 system it was the best version of the prs line had more outputs ect. They gave me a outstanding price and i bought it right away. I get it it took me a couple weeks before i had time to wire it up. got it all wired up made a base map just to see if the engine would start. it started right up but was backfiring and running VERY rich. I was running large injectors 870cc and direct fire ignition, as i tried to turn the fueling table down it froze up on me the car stalled and smoke pored out the unit. I spoke with a local distributor who was the most helpful through this experience they took my system and sent it back for me... about a month later i recieved a phone call from them telling me they wouldnt cover the system under warrenty because they cant take it apart and the injector drivers dont work so they cant fix it. I fought with them for about a week and talked to the distributor I bought it from finally he got them to send me a new unit about a 2 months after i sent mine out the new system came in. I met with the distributor and we bench tested the system with my harness and all my sensors, everything worked great on the bench we did have a problem with the timing at low rpms (below 300 rpms) they told me the signal from the dizzy was to week and could create a problem. I was a little mad at that point as pp told me this system would work fine on my car. I took it home and put everything back in the car. tried to start it and my ignition was all messed up... I called the local tuner/distributor and they helped me once again over the phone. we went throught everything and couldnt come up with a solution finally they asked me to just come back down with everything so we can bench test it again.
They are closed on sundays so the tuner saw that as a great time to meet up, as he wouldnt be stuck in a dyno or anything. we bench tested it over and over again. he put the cam/crank sensor on a scope and we still had a problem with the low voltage trigger on low rpms.. he told me to try to replace my wires for that with really good shielded cables so maybe i can get rid of any interference while cranking the car.
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