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I went home and redid that wire, and still same problem. again keep in mind i was told it would work fine on my car. the car sat for months i didnt touch it because i was so dissapointed. finally i talk to another tuner and they tell me to get this part that will amplify the signal, i do just that and it really helped it still wasnt perfect but for the most part the igntion was much better while cranking. I get everything back together and try to get a dyno tune scedueled. next available date was about 2 months away. I waited patiently.
day of the dyno. I towed the car for almost 3 hours to the shop get there. unload the car the tuner comes out to take a look at the car. asked me to try to start it. i cranked it for about 10 sec. it started backfiring didnt want to start ect. which had me confused because 2 months ago it was starting up. I explained that to the tuner and they told me I deffiently had a ignition problem. I showed him where the system was where the ignition system was ect.. then he asked me to pop the hood, and thats when he said "were going to have a problem" I asked why he said because the older prs systems wont do coil pack well. he said i wont even try to dyno it with them because its a waste of time. He gave me two options either put the car back on the trailer and go home or go to the nearest autoparts store and buy a coil dizzy cap rotor ect. and switch everything back for one coil. I really didnt want to do that but i been waiting so long for this that I couldnt just go home.. so about a half a day goes by i find all the parts i need and get them all swapped. the ignition was much more consistant. but still not perfect, he takes out the cam and crank trigger, and tells me it wont work with this i have to modify the teeth, another 2 hours go by. then another hour to put the parts back in. now its like 3-4pm its been a long day and we didnt even get the car to start. he reccomend for me to leave the car there they would finish up everything and get it on the dyno sometime during the week. I do just that.
about 4 days go by and I figured id check up on progress, I Call them and they tell me its running but they cant seem to lean out the fuel enouph, they ask me if i want them to keep working on it or stop where it is.
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