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time equals money and they didnt want me to waste my money. I told them to keep going.
two days later I get a phone call from them i was so excited thinking finally the car is done, just to hear its not done the prs system wont adjust fuel enouph and it washed out the cylinders, come get the car.
I get there have a bill of $800 for there time, which i had no problem paying because i know they are very qualified and did all they could do.
I get in touch with pp regarding these issues
wont work with my larger injectors
wont do multi coils
wont work with stock cam sensor
which are all things that they told me wouldnt be a problem and they basicly agreed that it wouldnt work with that setup and that they couldnt do anything for me. I asked if they would swap it out for a newer system that would, and they wouldnt do that. they tell me to try to sell it and buy a newer system. its been a year now the system is sitting in the garage i cant possibly sell it knowing the pos it is. that would make me a bad person. I wont sell things that are known to be problems.
so in the begining i have a built engine that costed about 3k to do
I buy the prs system and then I have
A ucked engine, a 1000 ems system, a 800 dollar tuning bill.
I ended up buying a jdm clip swapping that engine in with ecu harness ect, back to stock..
I know its a long story but felt as if i should expain everything
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