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Default Re: Squeak from rear suspension

Originally posted by Achilles38WRX
Hey everyone,
On the way home from work yesterday, i noticed a chirp, or squeak noise coming from the rear of the car, only on the highway, and only over sharp, abrubt bumps. I couldnt recreate the problem on surface streets, even over railroad tracks, but i did getta loud squeak when backing up the curb to my neighbors driveway quickly.
Now comes the twist: saturday night on my way home i take this right hander/merge type deal at about 45 mph, i underestimated and i thought i hit the curb on the right side, thing is, no wheel damage, no tire damage, and car appears to track straight.
Could the suspension still get damaged if the tire/wheel are intact? The impact wasnt that hard, felt no harder than a large bump at highways speeds...
My best guess is my right rear strut may have been bent or damaged somehow, anyone else have any ideas or similar experiences?

I have the exact same thing. I've not had a single curb or pothole incident (my squeek started around 1000 miles).

I plan on physically removing the spare tire stuff from the trunk to see if that is it. I'm hoping it's related to the "clunk" I get going in and out of my garage when I hit the 1 1/2" "lip" separating the driveway height from the garage (higher) height.


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