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Default VF22 and lag: Photographic evidence of the myth.

I think one of the biggest questions on this forum is "What turbo should I run". I've asked myself that question countless times and ended up running a VF22, mainly because:
1- It was very cheap (less than $400 shipped to my doorstep)
2- It is the largest turbo my injectors will support. I would definitely need bigger injectors to run a bigger turbo. A bigger turbo would also cost a lot more. If I get bigger injectors, I would need a standalone ECU (my V5 JDM ECU is not reflashable) to control them. If I got a standalone I would need to tune it on a dyno... Plus anything bigger than a VF22 and I would also probably want a FMIC to make the most of it... FMIC + Turbo + Injectors + ECU + Dyno Tune = close to 3 grand. No thanks
I chose the VF22 looking for power, but most of what I read on this forum pointed to it being a very laggy turbo, which I really didn't want since I autocross all the time.
So, how laggy is it?
Here it is:

1 atmosphere of boost (read at the center of the intake manifold) at just shy of 3200RPMs. This on 5th gear, level road (slight decline actually).
On a untuned JDM V5 Type RA ECU.
The setup:

JDM V8 shortblock, JDM V5 Type RA heads, mated with stock STI head gaskets and ARP head studs.
Ported and polished intake manifold, up pipe, turbocharger turbine inlet, turbocharger compressor inlet and outlet, intercooler Y pipe elbows, throttle body, intake manifold.
Wrapped headers, up pipe, down pipe. Ceramic coated turbo hot side
Perrin turbo inlet, USDM STI intercooler.

Here is a dyno of the car ***UNTUNED***:

After a ECUTEK reflash the car gained 30AWHP / 30AWTQ and peak torque now happens 580rpms sooner in the power band. Tuning really is everything on these cars... Still, 288AWHP on a stock ecu map isn't too shabby either

I figured this might be of some use to some of you.

Now, my question... At what RPMs do you guys see 1ATM / BAR of boost and what turbos are you running?
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