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HIHO & monovich - thanks for the props guys

worstluk - ok everything was pretty much laid out for you in terms of the N/A route. Your friend with the GTi uses a 1.8T engine which basically is turbo. From my experience with that engine, it's really easy to get 350hp with upgrades just under $5000US. If you wanted that kind of power at that kind of price, the WRX w/ the 2.0L turbo engine is the way to go.

200hp @ the flywheel isn't that hard to accomplish. If you're looking for the ultimate N/A set-up this is what I'd suggest : (short of going full race)

1) Cobb Cams & Head Work
2) Unichip with Rev Module
3) Brullen/iON equal-length header back set-up
4) Full pulley set (lightweight crank, alternator, power steering)
5) Cold Air Intake
6) 20% larger fuel injectors

And yes, I will be coming out with the bolt-on turbo-kit for the Legacys very shortly (for both auto and 5spd). Basic kit will include necessary items to do 5-7psi boost on 91+ octane gas and should be good for 240-260hp @ the flywheel. For the full meal deal kit (which includes Unichip and boost module), it will break 325hp+ at 10psi boost on 91+ octane gas. Basic kit will run somewhere in the neighbourhood of $3600-$3900US, the full set-up will run close to $5000US (engine management included).
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