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Originally posted by Legacy GTR
Stock, you probably have 130-135HP at the wheels.
Not unless you shift to 2WD. My car dyno'd @ 106.6hp and ~115ft-lb on a load-bearing AWD dyno. An inertia type dyno might read a bit higher, but you're still looking at 115hp at the most. AWD systems create a lot of drivetrain losses.

To get a realistic 200hp from a N/A 2.5L you will at least need aftermarket cams ($800 from Cobb Tuning + installation) and probably some head work, too ($2000 ported heads from Cobb + installation).

There are those on this board who believe that an intake, exhaust, pulleys, and an S-AFC will get you to 200hp, but I've yet to see anyone show any dyno numbers to support that claim. The dyno data that I've seen would seem to show you're not gonna get there. On the same day that my stock car dyno'd @ 106.6hp, a 2.5RS with an intake, exhaust (still stock headers and cats), and S-AFC dyno'd @ 115hp and 122ft-lb. Pulleys are good for maybe 5hp at the absolute most, and a header will add around 10hp, so we're up to maybe (if we're being really optimistic) 190hp. I don't think you're going to get any farther with just bolt-ons.

Nate18t - The 4EAT is supposed to be pretty strong. Exactly how strong I can't tell you. Kevin Thomas (that's his user name in addition to his actual name ) could probably give you a good idea as he used to run a turbo'd/NOS'd Impreza with an automatic.

As for exhaust fitment, the only place I think you might have trouble fitting a 3" exhaust would be around the rear diff, and that would only be a tight spot if the car has an aftermarket rear diff protector on it.

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