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Man, I understand you guys want to keep this thing on topic, and short, but I gotta say that follow-up service has been kind of a pain with both of these companies(R-tek and PP). I am sure Sean and the guy at PP did as much as they could. Unfortunately, it still left something to be desired.
Here we go, I have a MY00 RS Auto with 136,000mi on the dial. Decided I was going to hold onto it because I am one poor B#@$H right now. With that decided, I also decided I was going to get RID of that 3/4 throttle bog (feels like the pump can't keep up) and find some HP. So, I started with Walbro pump. Thought parallel fuel was good idea, so did that. Fuel reg.(38psi), pullies, header, exhaust, plugs/wires? All done. Rebuilt alternator. Did t-belt/idler too, just in case. I got a MY99 intake man. and cleaned it out with dremel and thought I'd be REAL cool by throwing in some MSD 38lb. 12ohm injectors. I'm the coolest guy, right? Wrong! Only went 10lbs bigger on injectors but ECU couldn't cope and I'm washing cylinders and throwing CELs all over! Man, what to do?!?!? I find a Unichip on Ebay for MY02 WRX and figure after talking to the guy that it'll work. Wrong! Find out from Sean at R-tek that ignition is different. Says he has piece to make it work but it won't do what I need anyway, THANKS SEAN!!! I'd heard about SMT6 and ordered it from him as result. He REALLY took good care of me as far as getting parts out and pricing. I thought I was headed for Nirvana! My scooby-doo would run well again AND I could get hp/mileage up. Cool! Not! They send me the piece (which really amounts to nothing more than a parametric EQ for your ECU) and harness/svc. plug and CD(which looks like some British New Wave boot-leg, eh?) and that's it. No instruction manual, no wiring diagrams, no nada. So...I pull diagram from PP's site and wire unit in. I would like to think that I'm pretty inclined mechanically as I did all the rest of this motor work myself, but I was still sweating the ECU rewire because of PP's vague/intricate wiring directions. Got it all in and started car. COOL! It runs! No smoke!
Now, as you can imagine, when I bought Smt I talked to Sean about all of the motor mods to make sure this thing would work and was under the impression that he could program as well because I am certainly a novice at that sort of thing. Well, he finally told me that he didn't have any parameters for my mods due mainly to bigger injectors but that he WOULD include a map of where I should start. Cool, I understand that I have a bit of a Frakenstein now, so...
So I open up the programming with my laptop and find 2 maps, one is the default and one says BMW X5. Well, the default is all "0's" so that ain't helpin'. I figure he just mis-labelled the other one so I download it. Bad Idea! Now that I've got the car running on BMW 8 cylinder Bosch timing and fuel I realize that there is no "undo" button! So, not only did I download the wrong tuning map, I can't go back to at least the Subaru ignition parameters. Can't get it figured out and very close to being stuck in the back of my shop that night. It's a good thing that they include a jumper plug!!! Put that in and head home. Call Sean on Monday and he faxes diagram and global settings and emails me 2 maps. Thanks again dude! Still, no analog min/max or rpm/deflection settings though. And those 2 maps he sent? Useless! Something like 12 boxes on the whole grid are changed and those are richer! What do I do now? Well, I've been doing it by myself since. Emailed PP in Aus. and got conflicting info from that guy and just forgot about what he said. Been tuning ever since with NO direction from anyone. I am sure I have done something unhealthy to motor as it sounds more 1835cc VW than Subaru these days. Got it close but had to back the timing back down to stock in our hot weather. By the way, my timing, injector length, and fuel work in every block, not just open-loop. Don't know why. When it comes to setting globals, PP guy and Sean contridict each other and I'm not sure which way to go and end up having to interpret my own path. Unit is cool but not nearly as consistent as OEM ECU. Seems like it runs better when it is loaded with laptop than without. Long story I know, but I am just under the impression I could have gotten a lot more and not messed up motor with some real guidance. I will sell as many for them as I can, however, because I think in the right hands, there is a lot of performance to be found. Also, at the end of the day it DID make my CELs go out. Hopefully, it doesn't do the same to my motor in the next few months! Anybody wanna Unichip cheap?!?!
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