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I'm pretty sure that the X5 map is batched up in the Windows software. giant, did you wire up the grey wire? When I got my PP6, it did have a blank map installed, as well as the map that Sean had which fit my mods (intake, cat-back).

EDIT: I felt this was a suitable place to insert this, as the post two above implied a shortage of information.

This is the information I've compiled for the justification and calibration of the SMT6 in the application of the 2.5L MAP engine. Others may be similar. If there is anything which should be changed or added, please PM these changes to me, and I will enter them. I'd rather not have the thread filled with doubled information. That being said... away we go.
For any references below, here's the guide:

AN = Application Notes (6/05)
DM = Developer's Manual v1.2
IG = Installation Guide v1.2
WM = Windows Tuning Software Manual v7.1

While there is a newer Windows manual, in contrast to v7.1, it contains errors and is less legible.

Be aware that, although the Global Settings do show up in the map files, both maps stored in the SMT6 need to use the same Global Settings! (7/18/06)

Global Settings -> Analog

Fuel Zero Calibration
With the PP6 powered but disconnected from the vehicle, measure the voltage between the MAP in and out. Adjust the Fuel Zero Calibration so that the difference is 0.0196V or less.
EDIT: The adjustments are steps of .0392V. The voltage above is corrected. (8/27/06)

Fuel Upper Limit and Fuel Lower Limit
These settings match the upper and lower limits of the MAP sensor signal. My settings are 3.6v for high, and 1.2v for low.

Global Settings -> Ignition

Teeth per turn (incl. miss) and Teeth per firing
Mode 12 demands 1 tooth per firing and 2 teeth per turn. DM, p.28

Ignition Adv. Limit and Ignition Ret. Limit
Allegedly, the Subaru ECU will be unhappy with ignition modifications more than 12 degrees. Set for +/- 12.

Ign. Dwell Time
I'm not aware of any reason to change this from zero in this application... sorry.

Global Settings -> Speed

The road speed governor only works with mode 11. Since we're restricted to mode 12, this function is disabled, and these settings don't matter. DM, p.27

Global Settings -> Cylinders

I counted my spark plug wires twice, and got 4 both times.

Global Settings -> Switch

When any of the switch points are exceeded, the orange wire is live, at a maximum of 0.1 amp and 25 volts. To disable any of the setpoints, set them to the minimum level. AN3.6, p.1-2

Global Settings -> Modes

The only mode which will accommodate the dual-signal, wasted spark ignition that Subaru uses in this application is mode 12. DM, p. 15

Global Settings -> System Config

Positive input pol: ON
Positive output pol: ON
The ignition triggers on a "high" signal.
EDIT: Per the advice of PerfectPower regarding experiments for saving our coils, I tried reversing these, and instead of the normal smooth rev when hitting the gas, the engine got all choked up like if it had a temporary loss of fuel or something... this is not the solution. The above settings are correct.

Low level input: OFF
The ignition signal is a waveform, between 1.0 and 3.4V, triggering at a point between. High level input triggers at 2.5V, and low level input triggers at 0.1V, making high level the obvious choice. DM, p.38
EDIT: My findings with the oscilloscope in Experiment 3 have found the signal to switch between 0.3v and 10.2v, instead of 1.0v and 3.4v. High level is still the correct setting. (8/20/06)

Low deviation: ON
High deviation allows for adjustments up to +/-5V (+/-127x.039V). Low deviation allows for adjustments up to +/-1.2V (+/-127x.039V/4). The range on the MAP sensor while the engine is running is .6V, so with low deviation, you can adjust the full range, but with finer adjustments than high deviation. If you've got any maps with high deviation, switch to low deviation and multiply all the map values by 4.
EDIT: In doing this, don't change the scale values, just the 8x16 maps.

Interlaced signal: ON
"The ignition on a 4 cylinder wasted spark system is 'interlaced'". DM, p.34

I prefer to follow the maps that were given to me, and disable any settings which don't influence the application. Here they are, with the reasons why they're not used:

High frequency: OFF
This setting is used in mode 10. DM, p.21

One missing tooth: OFF
Missing tooth applies to mode 1. DM, p.25

Multi coils: OFF
Applies to standalone applications. WM, p.12

Nox injection: OFF
The additional injector isn't used in this application.

Lambda input and Lambda un-linear: OFF
In configuring MAP modification, lambda tuning is not possible.

Scale Settings ->RPM Scale

The minimum value should be no less than 600RPM (WM, p.13). The car should idle on the second row (IG, p.9). The maximum RPM setting should match that of your engine (IG, p.9). The RPM listed on the end of each row indicates the break before moving up a row (WM, p.5); if the end of a row says "2000", then at 2001RPM, the SMT6 will move up to the next row.

If you're using an existing map, make sure you don't disturb the rest of the scale when you make changes. In this application, I advise setting the low value to 600RPM, which will put the map on the second row at idle. Set the maximum value for the highest point you want to tune, your redline, or your fuel cutoff if you head out that way often.

Scale settings -> Deflection

On any map screen, under the deflection scale along the bottom of the map is a reading of the Load Deflection. To calibrate the SMT6 to your car, find the value for that reading when the throttle is completely closed (off the pedal - "LOW" below) and when it is wide open (pedal on the floor - "HI" below). For an even dispersal of range, I advise:

Minimum = LOW+((HIGH-LOW)/8)
Maximum = HI+1

The manual recommends a different method, using automatic tuning (WM, p.13), but it renders the first column all but useless, as any movement of the throttle at all takes it to the next column.
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