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Talking 60,000 service! ....purrrr.....

I'm posting here 'cause it's a Legacy.

Just got my car back from the 60,000 service today. I did it a bit early because I don't know what was done previous to me. Anyway, I'm sooooo happy I did! Suby Specialties in Monrovia is the most amazing place ever. They are soooo good! They fixed the rough shift into 2nd (AUTO) by replacing tranny fluid, so now it's as smooth as all the others. The car now idles in D about as well as it does in N. Before, the idle in D was fine, but more perceptable. The whole car runs smoother in general. They also did things I didn't ask for, like clean any hint of rust off of all visible surfaces, they make the parking brake work soooo much better, as well as adjusting the normal brakes to actually work . I need to go see if the engine tick while cold has changed at all, probably not.

ahhhh.... like I said, I'm happy. It's one of the best "mods" I've done.

oh, and another thing I did while I was there was put on titanium windshield wipers. It was a total impulse buy, but they look really good. Only cost about $30 and are from somewhere in Japan judging by the packaging. They are silver instead of black and add another subtle touch to the car. They took .75 sec of my 1/4 mile . I'll post a pic one of these days.

Anyway, this is just a friendly remider to do all scheduled maintinence. Your car will love you for it.

total cost - $415.00

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