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Exclamation Found Fuel Leak!!! (Pics)

Hi Guys,

Went to Georgetown Colorado during the weekend to attend the ice rally. Drove up with a fellow rexer. The trip started from
albuquerque to Georgetown. Our first stop was about 200 miles away. My rex and the other rex had the same amount of fuel left in the tank. Cool.
We then filled up and continued the journey to Georgetown.
By the time we arrived, my friend had about a 1/2 tank of gas, and I was under a 1/4. "Hmmm" I thought. I didnt think anything of it. I thought that my friends unichip may have altered his fuel settings some how.

Next A.m I went outside to start the car and let it warm up. It felt
like it was bloody 10 degrees outside! A friend and I hoped in the car and about 5 minutes later went to get some food. When we got in, we both noticed the smell of gas in the cabin. I started to worry.
I got out of the car and began to smell gas in the same spot that everybody is reporting. Fortunately I had the stupid air scoop thing removed and noticed that way down underneath the intake manifold was a nice fuel line spewing LOTS of fuel out. It was pouring out.

Attached are some pics of where the fuel line connects to a rubber hose. From the factory the hose has a clamp on it that is upside down (threads pointing up. BTW- It should be upside down on all our cars. I verified it on 3 new rexes at the dealer). There is no friggen room at all
to easily get to the clamp. You would have to remove the turbo intake hose in order to cleanly get to it. Big pain in the a$$.
Somebody came with a really long screw driver and was able to twist the clamp around so that we could get a very long phillips screw driver in there to tighten the clamp.

If any of you still have the underhood air scoop in, take it out. You will not be able to see the fuel line to well.

First arrow points towards the fuel line. You will notice two metal lines. Follow the one that is on your right hand side. It will lead to the clamp that is upside down.

Next picture shows the fuel line closer. Follow the arrow to the inside. From this vantage I could see fuel staining on the manifold. I had a lot of fuel come out.

This pictures zooms in a little more. Notice the fuel line on the outside. Thats the one you want to follow

I apologize for how big the pictures are. I just want everybody to get an idea where to look.
Last pictures shows just about the same thing. If you look in the opening by the red arrow, you will see the clamp upside down. Thats the one you want!!

To get to the clamp sort of easy, you will need to remove the flexable air intake hose(one connected to the airbox). Once this hose is out, you will have a better top view of the clamp. Stick a really long screw driver in there and start to turn it. Once you see the phillips side, get the other screw driver and tighten it up
as much as you can.

With the help of some friends, I avoided not having to tow the car to denver and wait years for it to get fix. I drove back to Abq just fine.

Some Facts about where the leak happened:
-Georgetown CO - Elv 8300Ft
-AM temp outside: 10-15 deg F.
-This was the first time I smelled gas in the cab.
-Car mileage : 14000
-My clamp was loose
If you dont feel like fixing it, take it to the dealer! You greatly risk
a possible fire.

Please let me know if I can clarify anything.
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