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If you have never replaced struts will be an all day job probably. You'll need a spring compressor, rent from auto parts store. A set of 1/2 metric sockets....a big mofo breaker bar, and or air tools. set of 3/8 metric sockets, and possibly a deep well 10mm socket for the rear top mount bolts. Oh yeah, jack stands, brake fluid....and possibly a friend.....oh forgot, some sort of puller for the rotors if they are stuck on there. YOu don't want to go bangin them up with a hammer if you want to use them again. Rent or get a puller from auto parts store. There is two screw holes in the rotor you can screw into and pop rotor off.

jack car up, take off wheels, remove the brake caliper, follow above procedure to remove rotor. Remove brake shrowd (front only). scrath the top of the bolt head, or something to that effect. One of the bolts at the base of the strut is a camber bolt, so you want to get it back in the same position. Use your big mofo breaker bar to remove the two bottom bolts, Then loosen the top ones.

Now you have a choice, you can either snip the metal piece and slide the brake line out without opening up the brakes, (you'll have to do the same with the new ones) or open the brake system up and feed the line through the hole....then you'll have to bleed the brakes.

Wiggle the strut out....compress the spring, and take off the top nut that holds the top hat onto the strut. Remove top hat. Compress new spring, put on new strut, put top hat on, make sure to use the new bolt that comes with the strut. Reassemble, make sure the spring is lined up the same way as you took it off. Then just reassemble in a similar fashion.

The rears are pretty much the same, but you'll have to open the strut towers to get at the top hat bolts. Also there is no camber bolt in the rears.

That's the basics.....I don't think I've left anything out....but it's possible.
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