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Originally Posted by andys

Are you saying that you can do all the other NA mods on an OBDII car and *still* pass emissions testing vis-a-vis actual gas analysis, nevermind the OBDII interface criteria? How common is OBDII interface testing in the US?

It's incredible how sensitive the NA power topic is! Gosh.
The one thing on my car that poses a problem with OBD-II testing, which my car undergoes, on a dyno, and with the ECU plugged in, is the header. It causes the car to throw an '0420 cel code, even though my emissions numbers are within spec. Every 2 years, I remove my headers for a week or two while it clears the code and I go get tested. It's really only about 1.5 hours of my life every 2 years.

And OBD-II testing is becoming more and more widespread in the states. It's something that doesn't concern me because if I ever reach a point where my engine itself won't pass, I have a spare stock longblock sitting in the corner for just that purpose. But it is a very real consideration for many of the readers of this thread, who may make their decisions about what mods to do based upon smoggability or ease of removal come smog time. Try and undo a v2 swap on a '99 RS to pass smog???

As for the other thing about turbos? I thought I would add my 2 cents since rally_wgn was taking it on by himself. He covered the NA detractors in his opening statements, and I just thought it rude to start in about it. Like he said, most every NA power thread in this forum gets some yahoo that feels the overwhelming need to push the turbo formula and it's just a tired old dead beaten horse. As rally-wgn said in his opening, my car is faster than a stock WRX swapped RS and cost less than most swaps to do. Now, if I wanted 300chp, the cost effectivness of it goes out the window, as we all know. But I think his main point was that when people day in and day out say that a WRX swap is a cheaper way to equal power, it just isn't true without adding some disclaimers. It invariably gets into something about a TBE and upgraded turbo and injectors breaking 300chp. But that's another $1500-2000 on top of the swap, which somehow is conveniently left out of the opening remarks about doing a swap being cheaper. For 225chp, comparing an EJ205 swap to Ej25 power mods, it's about dead even, or maybe even a little in favour of the NA guy.

Lastly, 90% of the people who read this do not have the skills or facilities to do a swap like you and I do. A good shadetree can swap his Ej25 cams in 6-8 hours and have his car back on the road after a weekend in the garage. A swap takes on average 40-100 hours, and is not for the faint of heart. One thing to consider is audience. I too have done an old skool WRX swap for under $2000, and that included the car. But I don't go around bragging about it and treating it as commonplace. Dirtbag swappers like you and me are the exception, not the rule. And the audience here is largely fairly new to modding, and looking for some guidance on getting started. Swapping is definitely in the advanced category and not the beginner to intermediate category. Experts are generally NOT going to be the ones asking these question.

I do apologize for harshing on you earlier, but I just question someone's motives when they feel the need to argue in a thread that has explicitly ask for a little respect in biting your tongue. It came off as a "look at me, look what I can do!" and that got my goat...
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