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I put the soft S Techs on my car last October, I can tell you a little bit, I'm no suspension wizard like some of the guys around here are.. But here it goes anyhow..

Lowering? More than 1.8" without question. I'd say a little closer to say 2.3 or so. I drive in snow, and this is a little bit of a problem for me, but nothing terrible, being in Texas, I'm sure you're not worried. I like a car that handles pretty good on the street, but my car will never see any track time, so allot of the reaon behind me getting these springs was purely asthetic, and for that, they're great. Unlike many of the springs out there for our cars, they lower the car evenly front to back. H&R's and Eibachs lower the back end more than the front, supposedly this is a good thing, something about the relationship between the front and rear roll centers or something like that.. Anyhow, I put them on the factory struts, and the ride is OK. A little more uncomfortable than stock, but it's not going to be that big of a deal. As far as camber correction, well, you will have to correct the camber, but when you take the strut assembly off, you have to reset the camber anyhow. If you've taken the struts off you car before, then you already know, if not.. It's really easy. The lower part of the strut assembly is held on with 2 big bolts, the top bolt is an eccentric bolt, this one adjusts the camber, there's little "tic marks" on the bolt head and on the strut. Loosen the bottom bolt just a touch, then turn the top bolt to your desired camber setting, really easy stuff. You'll see what I mean when you get everything apart.. All other things aside, I'd definitely reccomend these springs if you are looking for a good "lowering" spring. If you are planning to put your car on the track at any point, look into some coilovers, or at least some other spring and strut combo. Good luck! If you can think of any other questions, PM me, I'll do my best to help!
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