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ok my response to this..

I have every email here.. None with a tracking #, i even have sent emails to you saying where is this tracking #... Ebay problems being closed... Hmmm i just checked on that..

Dispute opened on Other Party's ID Dispute status
Jun-01-2006 dreamer091700 Other party's action needed

Cobb AccessPORT 2006 STi (4637370321) View dispute

so its still open waiting for your response... sick... ok. then his latest email to me... I sent him, u should have had insurance on it, and u should be able to track it and see that i never received it.. this is his response.

"I insure every item I ship that is over $200. And I did email you the god damn tracking number. I do still have the recipt and I also have a printout from the post office."

great so problem should be resolved quickly then and i should get my money back...

"Now you can talk your bull**** and keep being a dick about it and I will handle this through the police."

That would be fine.. i know im in the right. police can get involved..

"Or you can calm the **** down and we can get a handle on this. As of right now you are in the wrong."

I am in the wrong for being mad that i got scammed and i have been out almost 700 bux since may 10th... ok

"And you have made posts that I can prove slanderous and I will have something done about it."

Thats fine, i would clear your name if you resolved this issue.

"How was I to know that you were not trying to ****ing scam me!"

This is by far the funniest thing i ever heard.. Just made me realize how much of an idiot you really are..... Yea i sent you 700 dollars to put a post up that i didnt get a part and call you a scammer for the fun of it ... sick idea..

"I just found your childish post after trying to up the turn out at a local racing meet. I have not said anything disrespectful or out of line to you. And I would be more than willing to meet you face to face that is not an issue. However that was not what I was trying to say when I made the statement that provoked that.I was simply letting you know that I am not someone to put up with the **** that goes on in the Utah Racing sciene, that is why the dip ****s that usually hang around sites like this will tell you I am a dick. I call people out on their ****. That is what I was trying to say on that, no disrespect intended. Again sorry things have gone the way they have. But lets keep this civil, or you can worry about getting the insurance claim through the USPS. I'm not going to put up with anymore of the tough guy ****."

Well if i came off childish, sometimes i do when i flip out and get angry.. Tough guy, i try not to be, anyone around here will tell u, im the first to do things civil.. civil was the first 25 messages i left you regarding this issue.. Each time i dont get a response i get more and more angry and think of more and more ways to put you out there for what you've done.. end of story.. situations rarely come down to a fight eva... but then again occasionally someone has to learn a lesson.

Ok well now that all this is said and done.. I look foward to receiving the money back and i will show u my receipt today from z1 that i had to purchase a new accessport.

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