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Originally Posted by 06BlackSTIwith550WHP
I tried to contact Mauromotorsports/Anthony Mauro calling 8-10 times a day, leaving a message 2 times a day(one time calling and the phone was busy-so I constantly had the phone in my hand until i did not hear a busy signal and even then i did not get an answer on the other end of the line), and 1 e-mail per day and then i left a pretty nasty message with some explicit lyrics and Anthony calls me back with in 5 minutes, so it took 2 weeks and over 80 phone calls for the owner Anthony Mauro to call me back. Then I ordered my parts over the phone and Anthony told me they would be in that Thursday and I could come and get them. I get an e-mail(the first time he answered me) telling me I can't pick the parts up because he is going on vacation and would be in "THE OFFICE" until the following tuesday. But I the customer would be leaving on Wedsnesday for a vacation.So I call and call and call and e-mail constantly all of that tuesday and until I leave midday wednesday so i could come get the parts so I would not have to wait another 5 days. So I e-mailed him and said I'd be in that following monday to pick the parts up either leave me a message or e-mail me to tell me what time is good to pick my parts up. I comeback 5 days later and nothing I go through the same process I did the first time except calling over 25 times a day leaving messages and e-mailing constantly until I was so feed up I left a really nasty message with some more explicit lyrics just like the first time and to no suprise. I get a call back no less than 5 minutes later from another member of Mauromotorsports(whose name will not be mentioned because he caused me no harm) telling me that the parts were never ordered by the owner Anthony who was on the phone with me when he told me he ordered them. I don't think that the owner of this company is a reliable source to give your credit card information to. but Anthony has a very nice facility that the business of maruomotorsports is run out of nice enough to be a 1 family home.(it is a 1 family home)
I was going to order over 10000 dollars worth of parts from Anthony Mauro but due to his unreliability and the fact that he never answers the phone whether he is at his place of business "mauromotorsport"="his home" I can not order the parts from him so i will be making a healthy donation to another parts vendor.
So after 3 weeks of waiting for my parts that i should get three days after i ordered them I hung up the phone with Mauromotorsports for good!!!
You're pretty funny you know why we didn't order anything for you? Where do I begin?

First you wouldn't leave a deposit. Second, you left extremely nasty e-mails. Third, you decdied the e-mails didn't help so instead left us nasty voice mails with you cursing up a storm. Lastly, we don't take any orders from locals without a deposit because we've sat on all kinds of items because of people like you. No other local vendor would do things good luck.

You were going to order $10k worth of stuff? That's nice...and I feel sorry for ANY vendor who has to deal with your mouth and extremely immature antics. I'll be sure to let the local vendors know what kind of customer you are. A 16 year old with lots of money who curses you out when he doesn't get his way.

We'll be calling you shortly to discuss this post!

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