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Originally Posted by 06BlackSTIwith550WHP
You called me I didn't answer. SOUND FAMILIAR
I never cursed in an e-mail before i cursed in the voicemail that you so quickly responded to because i'm assuming you felt threatened you were going to lose a customer who was willing to spend that kind of money
I started cursing up a storm in 2 voicemails after weeks and weeks of calling and no response
The owner of this company doesn't know his own policy and tells me I'm ordering the parts right now and never asked me for a deposit so why would i offer to take a extra trip to seldon if i dont need to make on, if you asked me for a deposit I would have gladely drove to your house and handed you the money.
Any body on here can call your house/place of business at any time and i gaurantee 99 times out of 100 their will be no answer
Weeks and weeks? You tried to order from us just before 4th of July. Like I said and Greg told you over the deposit no order.

Threatened? Not threatened at all....not one bit. We have plenty of normal and mature customers that purchase from us daily. I will not deal with or even consider doing business with any customer who acts the way you do. Nor will most vendors around here.

You wouldn't have driven to give us to give a deposit because you told us flat out that you didn't even have your license yet! Move on kid...there are plenty of other vendors that will take your $7000....or wait it's $10,000. If you think this makes the situtation's making it worse.

Have a great day and good luck.

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