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this kit is hard to figure out.....since there is so many versions of the legacy in japan...its hard to tel if it ll work on the US Spec Legacys

theres quite a bunch of legacy kits that dont fit properly IN a good fitment in the US would prolly be worse......i l try to import a piece here and there to test out......if the GB goes well for the Impreza then i can order soem test parts and then Find me some G-Pigs hehehehe

i jus wanna be careful about ordering first off is quality and fitment.....then function if any....and then its gotta look hot....hahahaha the EYE Catching test.....if Acc likes he imports hahah

please be patient guys i m tryin hard to get everythin over to the states....


and i might have a few free legacy blankets to give out with orders when i get back.....i m tryin to get more....

Acc in Japan
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