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Default best intake for '06 2.5i

I know this is a lame topic (and I should use the search bar) but I'm pretty sure things change fairly frequently in the '06 modding department and I'm trying to get the best opinions possible.

Anyway, I'm currently driving around a stock 2.5i with around 1300 miles on it, and while I'm not looking to play around with modding it before 3-5k miles at the earliest, I would love to hear from any people here who have used a cold air/short ram/whatever intake with good results on an '06.

I feel a little lame driving it around stock, because I love cars/engines in an amateurish sort of way and I would love to spice mine up a little. I'm especially interested in intakes which might utilize the scoop on a WRX hood, but I'm not sure such a thing exists aside from the gravelsport(?) intake which got discontinued a while ago, so I hear. I would love to hear otherwise, though.

However, I don't want an intake system that will reduce the life of my engine- I don't know much about it, but I've heard that some intakes will cause a faulty reading from the airflow sensor which leads to running lean, and that's no good in my book. I don't want to kill my engine- I just want to make it a little faster.

Also, any info on good exhaust systems to use with the '06 would be appreciated. I guess my eventual plan for this car is to get some nice suspension going, maybe with some rotational mass lightening measures like aftermarket pulleys/flywheels and such, but I don't really want to mess with the engine internals too much.

p.s. i have had a bit to drink tonight so sorry if this doesn't make sense... I will come back tomorrow and fix any weird errors I might have made.
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