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Default UTEC, DTEC and Speed Density

Since we all know about the new speed density firmware coming out, I am going to be getting tuned with it next weekend. So we started working on the blow through MAF setup tonight. After talking to Nathan@TXS, tmarcel and Tim Bailey, we went ahead and cut the MAF wires to extend them and used shielded wire on the appropriate MAF wire. Once it was all done, we wanted to start it just to see if it would. My car is already tuned for a BigMAF which is ~3" diameter and the blow through pipe we used is 2.75" diameter, so if it started, it was going to be pig rich and it was....idled at 11:1 AFR. Since I'm only going to be using the MAF for idle control, I didn't care to much about stuffing a 3" or larger diameter pipe in there for MAF resolution. I just want the car to idle normally and it did...rock solid at 900RPM's. Blipped the throttle and it cames right back to 900RPM. Hell it idles better now than it used to, just a few points richer AFR. I have about 4" inches of straight pipe on either side of the MAF sensor. So get my tuner to recalibrate the AFR in the ECUTek and UTEC and it should be good to go!!

Now the next step in the process is to see if I can split the signal off of the DTEC MAP sensor and run it into the signal line on the stock MAP sensor. Then have my tuner recalibrate the ECU and UTEC for the new MAP sensor. That way I have a 4.5 bar MAP sensor to tune the UTEC with instead of the 23psi limit the stock MAP sensor has. I spoke to both Mark and Nathan at TurboXS and they said it might work, but they aren't sure. If not, I spend $100 and get another MAP sensor from them and wire it in where the stock MAP sensor is. Does anyone have any thoughts on this as this is my main concern now. I cut open the shielding for the DTEC MAP sensor and the last picture is what's inside. Anyone know which one is the signal wire to tap into? Also did I screw myself by cutting the shielding?

And pics for the kiddies!!

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