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Originally Posted by x99percent
No, what I was doing didn't involve a DTEC at all. I was splicing the signal from the stock MAP sensor... I was just saying that it seemed to work out OK. If you do something similar with the DTEC MAP sensor, both the DTEC and the ECU should get the same MAP signal voltage.
Your last sentence hit the nail on the head on what I want to do! Will the DTEC and ECU/UTEC get the same MAP signal voltage? Or will it get split between the two of them? I'm trying to remember back to my circuits class days.....if things are wired in parallel, they get the same voltage, right?

Originally Posted by x99percent
From the DTEC manual, it looks like the connector on the DTEC itself (goes to both BCS and MAP) is a 4-wire connector, but the connector further down the line that goes to just the MAP sensor is *also* a 4-wire connector. Odd.

If I had to guess.... the four wires at the DTEC are probably:
- power to MAP (probably 5V)
- ground for MAP
- signal from MAP
- BCS control signal (since the BCS has its own ground)

If you're going to splice into the wire at/near the MAP sensor, you can figure out which one is the signal wire with a voltmeter. Compare what you read at each wire when the key is "ON" with the engine running and not running.

From the service manual, it looks like the orange(?) wire at the factory MAP sensor is the signal wire. The other two are the power and ground for the factory sensor.
I see what you are saying in the manual, I can't remember how many wires go to the BCS. I really didn't want to have to splice into every wire on the DTEC MAP harness to check voltages, but I guess I can if need be.

Yea, the 4 wire out of the DTEC to 4 wire split at the BCS/MAP split is odd also. The MAP has to get 5V from the DTEC, a signal wire back to the DTEC and a ground, which can either go back to the DTEC or into the BCS's ground. What's the 4th wire going to the MAP sensor then? Maybe a wire to supply signal voltage to the BCS? As for the BCS, it has it's own power and ground so those are out. I'd have to see how many wires are going to the BCS first to guess what they are.

As for the stock MAP sensor, I also believe the orange wire is the signal wire. Red and black are the power and ground. Again, I'll take a voltmeter to them to confirm.
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