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Originally Posted by vincent-h
Picture of my dyno graph.
Thank goodness they gave you that graph with y-axes that go to 400! I swear, I have yet to see a dyno graph from a Mustang Dyno that doesn't look like crap when it comes to basic graphic presentation.

Why does that matter? Well, your torque curve looks really, really flat, but that's partly because the scale of the y-axis is stupid. If you took that same graph and put it on a proper set of axes (say, up to 175hp and 175ft-lb) the torque curve would look like everyone else's. Looking at the numbers at the bottom of the page, your mininum torque was 137ft-lb @ ~2500rpm, and peak torque was 154ft-lb, a spread of 17ft-lb. On my dyno graph the difference between torque at 2500rpm and the peak torque is about 19ft-lb - essentially the same.

Those are pretty impressive numbers, particularly for a car without cams or headwork. Your numbers are basically the same as the numbers my car put down on a Dynojet, and Dynojets generally read higher than Mustangs.

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