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Talking Welcome to the club!

I'm sorry I called you an idiot, that wasn't very nice.

I've dealt with a rattling clutch from the beginning (august) and have been spending a great deal of time over the past month or so (after the holidays) trying to get mine fixed. Bailey was able to point to an obvious fix in december, thanks to a very helpful dealer. I just got a new clutch, which I belived to be the wrong (old) one, instaid of the new one other people have been getting. Now, due to addtional information from both here and Subaru, it seems I may have something else making the noise, who knows. At least at this point, I feel that my dealer and SOA are on board to fix the problem, it IS NOT A NORMAL NOISE.

In addition, the wrx has nowhere near a "competion type clutch". Subaru itself offers a beefed up STI clutch, and most upgade (still non-racing) aftermarket clutches will readily break your transmisson from excess shock. As a mechanical engineer, it would take a bit of evidence to convince me that ANY clutch friction material would have an insurmountable harmonic problem - something that couldn't be overcome by proper design of the disc.

When you post something that doesn't make sense for multiple reasons, expect to get flamed. I was especially worked up yesterday, and I aplogise for taking it out on you.

Don't belive everything you hear from shops or here.

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