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Sorry, I have been away from the forum for a while.
Here is some simple math to prove my points. 2.5 RS BHP= 165. So let's just say that we have a 30% drivetrain loss, that means that an RS actually has about 115whp (165 x .70= 115) which according to most dynos I have seen is being generous by about 10whp. Ok, so for an RS to make 165 at the wheels you have to make an additional 50whp. I don't care what kind of intake, tuning and exhaust you have you are not going to make 50whp. The exact same mods WITH Cobb cams on the Subiesport RS only got the car to 134whp which is about 20whp over stock, which on a NA car are HUGE gains. And those gains are mostly due to the cams.
Now let's say that you only have about 20% (165 x .80= 132) drivetrain loss which is about 20whp more to the wheels, you still have a huge amount of power to make back to get to 160-165whp. (the Subiesport car with I/H/E only made 113whp).
This just reminds me of the kids with Honda Civic DXs who would think that just becuase their intake was advertised at 10whp and the headers 15whp and the exhuast another 10whp that they actually had 35 more horse, which just is not the case. The bottom line is, no one has been able to say "Yes, intake, header and exhaust, will make 50whp. Does anyone actually think that?
Secondly, we can't see a baseline pull so we have no way of knowing what this car is acually making as far as power goes. Dyno numbers are meaningless without a relation on which to compare. Saying a stock STi reads X on this dyno is meaningless. An STi is a different car with different gearing, weight ect. it bears to relation to your RS or how much power it is making. I bet in the best of worlds an RS with I/H/E and some tuning is making at MOST 10whp over stock.
Go back to the first page of this thread and read the initial post.

To get an RS to 160whp you need internals and headwork and cams which is what is initially stated.
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