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I just had my car tuned on and off 100% meth with a SMC kit for WRX. Steve there said running strait meth can cause long term seal and diaphram swelling and failure in the pump. New rubber compounds are in the works to be released in a month or so.
My results IIRC (dyno printer down, will get sheets soon.) 2 hours of pulls. Mustang dyno, 112*F ambient indoors.
91 oct pump only 336whp
91 & 100% meth 407 whp
100oct only 400 whp
100oct & meth 480 whp

Now as far as why my pump never failed on the dyno (hood open) but would after 1/2 hour of driving (hood shut) rez located is the stock WW rez bottle same location.
I tonight waited until the pump failed, opened the hood and looked at the meth in the rez. It was the start of boiling. About a bubble a second.
So, guess I found my problem and need to get a STI rez for the trunk.
Wouldn't want to have it start boiling and stop spraying in the middle of a run.
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