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Originally Posted by DyeOwnsMe
In order to not highjack my thread you could add some more detials about the car you are looking at such as miles, damage, etc... that way we can make a comparison

Okay- It's got just over 150,000 miles on the clock. The body is rough but still intact, the paint is a little faded although the only bubbling is a half-dollar size spot just above the right rear wheelwell. The seam under the car (beneath the door, where sheetmetal ends and undercarraige begins, not sure what the official term is) is a little rusty and slightly chewed up from where someone put a jack on it. The undercarraige actually looked pretty good, naturally the exhaust pipe was rusty but the cat looked fine. The suspension links seemed solid, although that's just what I could tell from peeking underneath, not sure about the differentials etc.
It had what used to be a nice set of Nokian winter tires, they are dry and cracked now. If I had to guess I would say it was someones winter beater.
The motor seems to be the worst part cosmetically, but it fired right up and aside from a little belt squeal first thing it ran well and pulled strong.

Beaverboy- Thanks for the tips. I am going to continue looking, but since time is a bit of an issue for me this is my fallback vehicle. While I would like something a little nicer, ultimately I just need something that will get me around for the next year or so and isn't totally depressing to drive (i.e. Corolla). Also, I am no stranger to rust and seized bolts. My pops and I have been working on a 76 FJ-40 for the past few years so the garage is well stocked with PB Blaster and Rustoleum. Anyways, lots to think about. Thanks for the advice.
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