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With my Tarmacs I was reminded last week why this isn't a setup for everyone- I found about a 10 mile stretch of road in South Dakota that had some rather bad seams- the high spring rate combine w/ rather highish (this was acknowledged by a very skilled tech at Koni) high speed compression made this uncomfortable. There are many times I get lulled nto thinking this setup is almost cushy- then I find the right bump or stretch of road and it reminds it's not

The Koni's have lots of rebound damping (low and high) at it's disposable- in turns it does it's job very, very well.

It's kind of funny, but I'll see a big bump or dip and think oh crap and I don't even feel it. Other times I don't see anything and I get a nice reminder I've got a stiff setup- it's almost always a seam of some sorts.

I did have a chance to run my setup on some gravel roads just recently and was very suprised how poised it was- now mind you this was pretty nice bladed gravel, but not perfect.

Less than perfect road conditions like undulations or off camber the Koni's soak up all day long. Really the only place I find them less than perfect is very short/sharp edges- again this is w/ rather stiff springs. I have since found out that as spring rates increase you can decrease high speed compression- if it weren't so expensive I'd consider having them revalved to dial out some. The rebound and low speed compression I wouldn't change a thing.
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