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Thank you all for the insight. I am currently on the fence between a used 2003 3.0 X5 and a new B9. I have test driven 3 B9's as of today. I am loooking at the 06 models ltd 5 pass. ones, as Subaru is offering rebates and there is a some kind of dealer hold back as well. Might be able to get one out the door for under 30k.

Now what I have noticed and has anyone had this experience ? On panic braking...drove the vehicle for a test drive and went up to 60mph and panicked braked, brake pedal travelled all the way down to the floor board. I parked the vehicle and firmly depressed on the brake pedal and it went about a fraction of an inch before hitting the floorboard. I observed this on 2 of the models I test drove.
It being a heavy vehicle I expected better braking and feel. I do not expect it to brake like a BMW but lengthy travel and spongeness of feel is a bit of a concern for me.

Another the silver interior they have used where the cup-holders are located looks like it is prone to scratching...I dont like that!....just my 2 cents

But I am sold with everything else. I am about to plunk down 30k( if I do go for it) and just want my money's worth and not regret down the road.
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