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Originally Posted by west_minist View Post
The question is in high rpm, you may have the precious fuel mixture being blow out @ high avcs. But is this good for the Antilag effect ?

I am assuming and think it is better to have it not advance in high rpm, since the boost is on.

I notice that the 2500-3000 range is a very critical range, even in non AVCS cars, seems to have a note of labouring.

I am assuming that in this area, AVCS could be less (I want to say more), but thats my thoughts.

I will have to see if I can get the STI I am tuning to play with different maps in that area. We have seen gains with different avcs setting in the high load maps, but nothing to really tune in certain areas, since all are road dynos and makes it very diffucult to see.

Also, please note all of this on a Stock OEM computer.

The JDM WRX AVCS map is different to the JDM STI map. Why? I am not sure.

The S20x (eg S202) and STI seems to carry different AVCS maps to.

...yeah.....all the JDM stuff has better ECU tuning....and the EVCS is one of the ways they OBVIOUSLY let the rest of us down
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