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Originally Posted by bboy View Post
Scotty...4 or 5 degrees is a lot!!!

The "spool up" region, for lack of a better word, is the region of most interest of me. What I've found is that more AVCS advance just above atmospheric pressure, around 2800-3500 seems to help get the turbo going. Below atmospheric (vacuum) it's very hard to tell. At first I added advance to these load sites (2500-3000, 85-10 mm Hg) and it seemed more slugglish, but the fueling was off, too rich. Now that I lowered the AFR it seems about the same as it was before.

yeah....I know.....but I have had access to some data from several JDM ECU's and compared their tables and came up with isn't perfect, and it hasn't been dyno'd.....but my car, with the stock turbo and a TBE+STi tmic at ~17psi stays right with a full blown FMIC'd, vf39'd, stage4 ecutek'd '04........
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