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Originally Posted by AZScoobie View Post
I dont agree... I do not run the cams at 0. I think you need to get back on the dyno phil

Prove me wrong Iím just not seeing anyone netting higher HP numbers than cars with Element Hydra base AVCS mapping. Iím not saying they cannot be duplicated with another EMS but Iím not seeing the top end gains of running the intake cam advanced at high boost and RPM. Advancing the intake cam under high boost just blows it out the exhaust so Iím not sure I understand how that would help in a boosted application unless you could retard the exhaust cam. But hey I donít claim know or have tested everything

Originally Posted by Freon View Post
Here are the cam advance tables for various USDM cars:

I don't think any of the different year cars have had their AVCS map retuned unless the powertrain has had a major change (i.e. 06 WRX).

Cam advance goes to zero above 4400rpm or so, besides the 06 WRX for all the USDM cars. JDM is drastically different.
The target is one thing but what itís actually doing with duty cycle and the resulting cam advance is another. From some of the logging I did a couple years ago the OEM ECU was holding the AVCS on too long reducing peak power. Also keep in mind the systems are run in closed loop and often stray from the actual target.

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