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Originally Posted by bboy View Post
Geez go away for few hours and everybody chimes in...

Certianly overlap at high RPM can help power up top, so I can see how clark found some power up there. On the other hand if you are at the edge of "reversion" keeping the exhaust backwash at bay would be good too. I think a lot will depend of the turbine, boost level,.....

More fun on the dyno to come.
Always worth testing something new but.....advancing the intake cam timing typically reduces the length of time for the fuel and air to burn. By retarding the exhaust cam you lengthen the amount of burn time. This is a good thing as it allows for more complete combustion. This is already a big problem with our motors and results in having to run lots of ignition timing. Earlier intake cam opening and later exhaust cam timing lengthens the burn window. Once you put boost into the mix then you have to be careful not to blow your intake charge out the exhaust valve and this can be tricky. This is typically why you can advance a lot at low boost but not so much at high boost or high rpm.

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