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Default Suspension Supersticky: Springs, Coilovers, Swaybars, S-Techs, fitment, tech, more!

Old retired suspension/brake FAQ: still some decent info/overview

Public service announcement: "When to say when" by Turn In Concepts

Suspension tuning philosophies

Fitment Information

The "Will this suspension part fit my car?" thread.

Will X shocks fit with Y springs on my Z model?

Top Hat Interchangability?

Technical Information

Camber bolt FAQ / Tutorial New!

Abacuz's Camber / Caster plate thread

Coilover FAQ

Lowering Spring FAQ

STi Strut FAQ
'15 Info

Unabomber's Spring/Strut/Coilover FAQ: Good reading

Swaybar/Endlink FAQ

Swaybar Stiffness/Calculation

Spring diameters, how about a single resource

How do you convert from kg/mm to lb/in?

Strut bar myth? (includes discussion of GC vs GC chassis stiffness)

Anti-lift Kit FAQ

Regreasing STi struts and Mounting a Grease Fitting in STi Struts

Installing Koni Inserts WRX and STi instructions

Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearing 101

Wheel Bearing replacement: Guru's guide with pics

Suspension Tuning

Make your car handle how you like it!

What swaybar size should I buy? Advice from Clint @ Turn In Concepts

Wagon Suspension--Read and post your setups: The master wagon-specific info thread


The Official Tein S-Tech FAQ


$1K Coilovers - no minced words: Discussion of whether the Megan/Helix/Whatever coilovers are worth it


The OFFICIAL "I hit something while driving in snow and something broke" thread

The OFFICIAL "I did donuts and now my steering feels funny" thread

The official "I drove through some snow, and now my car shakes" thread

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