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Originally Posted by suBooneru View Post
Thanks, thats good to know about the weather stripping. I didn't really get a good look at it since I noticed it when I was camping and it was dark out.
As for the stereo it has good enough sound quality for me, so I don't really plan on replacing it and there are bigger POS stereos in cheaper cars like my last honda that last at least 100k miles.

Yeah I can see why you would say 23k miles seems like a lot to classify it as near new, but the car is only 8 months old with mostly cruising freeway miles, so I wouldn't think crap should be going wrong with it.

I also already had to bring the car in to the dealership for a random, bad sounding grinding noise. Turns out it was just a rock that got stuck between the between the brake rotor and backing plate, but I wouldn't think a car that is made to be a sort of all terrain vehicle would be suceptible to a little tiny rock.

Oh I also have that annoying irregular kind of grinding sound when decellerating from higher RPM's and after hearing of all of the broken tranny storys it just kinda worries me.

I guess I may be a little off base in my bitching, but it's just kind of annoying having these little issues on a "less than year old car" when it was a stretch for me to afford it in the first place.

The grinding decel noise could be the throw-out bearing, I would take it in and have a tech ride along with you. I had it too in my 02 wrx, but the whole shebang was changed out when I took it in for a juddery clutch, never had much noise issue after the new clutch was in. They are noisy transmissions however, I didn't find mine as fragile as everyone would have you believe. If you drag race the car and beat the hell out of it, it will probably break. If you drive with some mechanical sympathy, it should be reliable. YMMV.
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