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Default The Diy Angel Eyes Thread

Hello as a few of you know I have just finshed a DIY mod for angel eyes on my 2006 Imprezza, these instruction are for the 2006 model headlamps if you have another year you may have to adjust things to make it work for you.

Imprezza. (You can also clear your headlights buy only going half way and then skip to the reinstall)

Hello and welcome to this DIY guide. I will guide you through possibly the hardest see: nerve racking DIY job you could ever attempt.

I regret to inform you that this will be frustrating and time consuming and the results are worth it iof you really like these angel eyes. At the half way point of this project you have a point of no return in this project so decide and if the result is not as you had hoped do not PM me and complain I warned you, if you screw up your $1200 headlights again do not PM me and complain, if you wind up taking 2 days to do this do not PM me and complain as I will not care and will not take responsibility for your own stupidity. So PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!


Time: 4-8 hours
Difficulty 8/10 (Recommended for experienced DIY’ERS
Parts list:
8 LED’s 3.6V 20ma
2Resistors 220ohm
Clear Silicon
1 acrylic mini-blind wand
4 small screws
1/16” drill bit
18 AWG wire
Shrink Wrap
Electrical Tape
Permatex Gasket Sealer (Use when putting lights back together to ensure good seal)
Dremel (Cut off disks only med-fine)
Soldering Iron
Flat Head screwdriver (long handle)
Philips screwdriver
10mm socket with extension
Patience, patience, patience
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