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Now you have the black part and the clear part… now if you want to clear your headlamps is a good time to do so. There are 4 screws that hold the shroud to the clear lens, remove those screws and proceed to remove the DOT DEVIL in the corner.
in this picture it would be under that triangle to the right of the lenses. My has been gone for some time now…….

Okay so now we are going to leave the lamps alone for a bit and move along to the halos.

Step one:

Use your dremel to cut the Acrylic rod into two 20” ish pieces. Find a can that is similar in size to the diameter of the opening for your projectors I used a can of corn (one of the shorter fatter cans) this is not a science just find something that works. Make sure the pieces of acrylic you cut are long enough to wrap around this can that is the length you need.

Put the acrylic rods in your oven at 200*F until they are soft and easy to bend. Take the rod and wrap it around the can so that the ends cross over and make a nice circle hold it there for a few seconds until it hardens. This might be hot but not terrible. Use gloves if you’re a pansy.

Once cooled use your dremel to cut the excess ends off and then re heat and wrap once again around the can to make a full circle with ends that nearly touch. Note red dot in pic above

Now take your dremel and make small 1/2mm deep cuts along the backside of your rings as it with help to cast the light out and create that EDM look.

You now have rings…. Almost half way done.
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