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Originally Posted by dibblejr View Post
I would suggest you put one in between the pump and the injector and keep the other as a spare.
This is where if you are tuned for meth and have advanced your timing to help produce more boost if there is no liquid flowing will do the most damage. ( destroy your engine)
One on both sides of the pump is over kill IMO.
Also on a side note, I have a solenoid and boost switch from my coolingmist kit that I would be willing to part with and is advertised in the for sale threads.

The plan was to use both after the pump- never planned to put one before the pump- if you read my post I was talking about putting one after the pump but before the solenoid and one between solenoid and nozzle - this way I could detect pump as well as possible solenoid failure- ie low flow. I do however agree- one flow switch and a pressure switch at nozzle would be ideal- anyone know of a good cheap pressure switch?

Hippy- Thanks for the input- right now I switch maps with a simple rocker switch on the dash- I assume if voltage goes to one side of switch it is map A........and if voltage goes to the other side of the switch it is map B?? I will have to find out from gpmoto how exactly the map switching is accomplished and what voltages and all. The unichip also has a separte tunable driver for solenoids and extra injectors etc- so I need to find out if I can just drive the solenoid with this instead of boost switch- it may be a 0-5volt thing though in which case wouldnt the solenoid only be activated by 12 volts?
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