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Default Crude Transmission Deceleration and Acceleration Noise after Clutch/Flywheel Install
^ Video of the noise. Can best be heard on video with the windows up.

Recently, i've done a clutch/flywheel job at school, and noticed that after the install, i've gotten a bad rattle noise that seems to be much worse then the original "subaru deceleration noise" that has been discussed to death.

For some background information, I have a slightly modified 2004 WRX(Catless UP, Down, Accessport Stage 2, Exhaust etc.) with 69,000 miles. Ever since about midway of owning the car since brand new, i've had the noisy in-gear deceleration as thousands of other subaru owners do. I recently changed the stock clutch with an OEM style Exedy replacement kit, and a 10lb Cusco Chromoly flywheel. The clutch kit included a new throwout bearing, pilot bearing, clutch disc, and pressure plate. Everything was torqued to spec, cleaned, and lubed according to the manual.

Now, I get a distinct, very loud rattling noise that occurs during in-gear off-throttle coast situations, somewhere above 1800rpm. The sound is loud enough to insist that there is a loost bolt sitting in a metal pan, vibrating away, yet there is none. I believe there is also a loud noise during acceleration, but it is hard to determine if it is an uppipe leak. For sure though, it seems that I must have done something to cause this noise.

I do remember having a little problem with seperating the engine and transmission bellhousing though, as I did the "move engine forward" method instead of dropping the transmission. Did I flex the input shaft too much while trying to pry the engine from the transmission? Could this be a possibility? I know a lightweight flywheel will cause more NVH but the noise is quite loud and obnoxious; it is very hard to ignore.

The best description I can come up with, is as if gears spinning in opposite directions were nipping each other loosely.

Could anyone give me some insight? I honestly wanted to brush it off but the noise bothers me; I just want to see if I could get any ideas..

Thank You In Advance.

EDIT: Added a video. A few things before watching. Don't mind my ghetto boost gauge bracket. And its hard to hold the camera steady. Also. My exhaust drowns out the noise so much that it sounds like a normal subaru deceleration noise! But I do know the difference and this is louder. Any thoughts? If it sounds normal, then I guess i'll live with it. :-D

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