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Hey guys we're still a vendor on this forum, but we're just waiting on our renewal to go through don't jump to any conclusions. Anthony's been a member of this forum since 2001 and I doubt he's going to let a little bad press stop him.

I see a bunch of people upset on here about us, but I noticed a lot of the problem has to do with claims of unanswered e-mails and phone calls. Unfortunately, I'm only in the office now on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday since I'm back at school and I'm the only other employee Anthony trusts to help run the business since I'm his brother-in-law. When I'm not there he's running the office alone. That means he runs the phones, e-mails, orders, shipments, and a whole lot more then can be handled alone. But he's done it since 2002 and has only run into problems recently because the business has grown larger then any of us had expected.

If you're trying to get in contact with us by phone and noone answers then LEAVE A MESSAGE...if you're leaving a message and do not get a response by phone or e-mail then either you didn't leave a phone number, name, order number, or we couldn't understand you. There are countless times when people call and call and call, but never leave a message...then complain that we never called them back. We have two phone lines right now and if they're both tied up you're going to get an answering machine. Both Anthony and I can also be reached through instant messanger too and we get a whole lot of people sending messages to us daily.

E-MAILS - Between Anthony and I on a busy day we receive over 150 e-mails. If you are looking for tracking or an ETA on a shipment then you need to e-mail me at our tracking e-mail address. If you don't get a response in 24hrs then I didn't get the e-mail.

Any customers that still have outstanding issues need to contact us. Not through Nasioc, not through this thread, not by PM's, but by e-mail or phone. Our website does not mark products as instock or not instock, but gives a USUAL shipping lead time. The majority of the products we sell ship anywhere from 24-72hrs. There are parts that we typically have instock and some others that need to be drop shipped, but either way you WILL get your products.

Any customer on here that has posted a wait time of 3-4 months was waiting for a reason...we do not hold orders this long unless an item is on backorder or takes time to get. For example...I see a lot of guys complaining about Helix catted downpipes and long wait times...YEAH that's very true and infact we had an order with our supplier back in April that didn't reach us until 4 months later, but not only was it was short by 3-4 units! Ask any Helix supplier and they'll tell you they wait a very long time for these products. We've since removed several other products from our website that are simply too much of a headache to stock/sell, but that's still not good enough for some people.

I have read this entire thread and noticed there's more people repeating themselves over and over again. Last I checked it's a review thread and customers should post their review and move on. What purpose is there to continually say the same thing over and over again and instigate more negativity. Whether you believe it or not we have a lot of happy customers that do not waste their time with these forums for a reason. Yes it's a good source of information, but personally I can't possibly believe everything I read on here and I think others feel the same. There's always two sides to every story...

If there is a problem with an order then chances are we've e-mailed you or tried calling you. We do NOT run any credit cards for orders unless we know that they will ship out within a weeks time or unless we are asked to do otherwise by the customer. We ONLY authorize orders that come in through our website.

SPECIAL ORDERS- If you special order a JDM a JDM Foglight kit that 04ASPENWHITE did then we will NOT run your credit card at all. We do NOT have YOUR money. This gives you the option of canceling your order at any time without any charges. There have been too many people that contact us on the 6th week of waiting asking for specific ETA's after being made aware that there are no guarantees. They get upset at us and they cancel the order on's too much hassle for you and for us. In order to bring parts here from Japan we fill a container with as much as possible. Not half way...not a third of the way...but completely. If by the 5th or 6th week since you ordered you don't have your product then it's because our container is not full. This is how timing is everything. If we're about to wrap up a container to ship and you order a week before...then chances are you'll get your products in 2-3 weeks rather then 4-6. It happens and is the nature of the business...if you want the part super fast then order it from Japan directly. If you can wait and want to save a few bucks give us a try. You won't have to pay anything until the product is in the states.

Now that I'm done ranting I can get back to work. I shouldn't have to spend time writing this, but I felt that I should help defend/support the company that I've worked with for nearly 2 years. That's my $.02. Any comments or questions feel free to e-mail me [email protected]

Greg K.
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