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Here are postys from the wrxclub forum. More unhappy members.

Think about it,....32 pages of drama on this site alone so far. Hmmmm. A hint possibly?

Recently, I've had a very bad experience with Mauro Motorsports ( that I feel I should share.
In late May, 2006, I placed an order via telephone for a Perrin inlet pipe, turboxs tmic, and a Deadbolt Monster 16g turbo. Greg from Mauro told me the turbo would take about 1.5 weeks to be built and shipped. I received an invoice on May 25th, but I did not receive any tracking numbers. My tmic arrived in about a week, and shortly after, my inlet hose arrived. I figured my turbo would be at my doorstep shortly. I was wrong.

On June 16th, I was getting annoyed. It had been about 3 weeks since I paid for my turbo, and received no product. I sent Mauro an email:

My name is Tyler. I've spoken with you a few times through email and phone. I placed an order with you several weeks ago for a Perrin inlet hose, txs tmic, and a deadbolt monster 16g. The intercooler and inlet hose arrived in a timely manner. I called about a week ago to check up on the turbo, you said it was being built at Deadbolt. I would just like to find out where the turbo is at this point. It's been almost three weeks since I ordered it. Can I have a tracking number or something? When can I expect its arrival? Thanks.


This email went unanswered. After sending this and getting no response, I began trying by phone, many many times, and the calls were RARELY answered. I left numerous messages. When I finally got through to them, I was told they would contact Deadbolt to get a tracking #, and they would definitely call me right back. They never returned the call.

On June 23rd, I still had no turbo, and thus sent this email to Mauro. At this point I felt like getting my money back. I paid a lot of money for this turbo, and had not recieved it in about a month, with little to no communication from Mauro, not even a tracking #.

My name is Tyler B********. I placed an order with you (Mauro Motorsports) on May 25th, 2006 for a Perrin inlet hose, Turboxs tmic, and a Deadbolt Monster 16g turbo. The inlet hose and intercooler arrived in a timely manner (even though I never received a tracking number or any kind of notification stating that they had been shipped). You told me it would take about a week and a half for the turbo to be built and shipped. It has now been about 1 month since I placed this order, and the turbo has not arrived. When and if you answer your phone (I have called dozens of times, gotten no answer, and have left messages, never to be returned) you tell me you will contact Deadbolt to give me the status of my order, and you say you will email me a tracking number right away or call me back in a few minutes. I get no email, and no return phone call.
If the turbo is not at my house by Tuesday, June 27th, I would just like my $945 refunded. I am sorry it has come to this, but I am tired of sending emails and getting no response, or making phone calls which aren't answered. Attached is my invoice, which you sent me on the 25th of May.


On the following Monday, I received a response to this email:

The turbo will be shipped out from Deadbolt either today or tomorrow. I thank you for your patience with this matter, but we do not build the turbos and cannot help if there are lead times beyond our control.

Anthony Mauro
MauroMotorsports Owner

to which I responded:

ok, may I please have a tracking number?

Thank you.

I was not emailed back about the tracking #. I had to continue calling, again not getting an answer. Finally, on July 5th, I contacted both Deadbolt (which I should have done a long time ago) and Mauro. Deadbolt was out of the office for 4th of July, and wouldn't be in until Thursday the 6th, so I left a message to have them call me back. Mauro told me they would have the turbo to me by the end of the week, and sent this email to me after we got off the phone:


I should have tracking for your turbo either tonight or tomorrow morning. I am having it expedited so that you receive it before the week is over. I'm sorry about the delay on this, but sometimes it happens with these custom built turbos. Just hang in there and we'll have your turbo to you shortly....just like everything else you ordered and arrived rapidly.

Thanks for your patience and understanding

Deadbolt called me back on Thursday. They told me the turbo has been built for weeks, ready to be shipped, and the only reason it wasn't shipped is because Mauro NEVER SENT THEM THE MONEY UNTIL THAT POINT. Deadbolt then gave me a tracking #, so to Deadbolt, and : to Mauro Motorsports.

The turbo finally arrived yesterday, Monday July 10th, the same day Mauro sends me the tracking # and says :

Sorry this took so long, but there was nothing we could do about the delay since we do not manufacture these turbos. Unfortunately custom turbos can sometimes be an issue, but you received everything else from us in a timely manner so I hope that you understand that this what out of our hands. Please remember that when you think about our service since you were well aware of the fact that you ordered a custom built part.

Thank you again,

Anthony Mauro
MauroMotorsports Owner

YES, I was well aware of the fact I ordered a custom part (the turbo was port and polished by Deadbolt). I was NOT aware of the fact that Mauro holds your money for over a month before having your product shipped.

It is a shame it all went down like that. I have ordered from Mauro in the past and had no problems, which is the main reason I ordered from them this time around. I guess I had trusted them to some degree when putting down the amount of money I did for the parts. I won't tell you forum members to not order from Mauro or anything, that's completely up to you, I just wanted to share my experience I had with them, after all, this is what this forum is for.
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