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Default Recent and Current Highschoolers, got me a question..

No, dont need a hookup for cradle robbing.

But, for those that RECENTLY (say like last 3 years) attended highschool and or are currently in highschool I was curious about something, homework mainly. What kind of homework and how much home work did you have throughout highschool? As in just reading a chapter or actual mental stimulation of doing summations and calculating atoms? Time frame, was it an everynight occurance or it varied, and if it varied what did it fluctuate between, and or give me a rough average of what you thought it was. For example, one night you had 8hours calculus and world history the next night had 1 hour french, so you averaged (spanning a weeks worth) ~3-4hours mostly physical homework (the math, not reading)

I am curious to hear the state of schools these days for a couple coworkers yesterday were discussing schools and teachers and waste of money and... (it started with me *tching about ASD wasting money on building new additions every year rather than one large addition, and just went... OT LOL) they were both amazed at the amount of homework their kids have, one has an 8th grader that CONSTANTLY has ~6-8hrs of homework a NIGHT, the other has a 4th grader that actually has cried a couple times because she has ~7hrs of homeworks and barely has time to eat dinner. So wondering if the HS is the same or it is still semi slack, so I know if I shoudl fire off an email to Carol Comeau or not. If its true across the board I can definitely see the reason for soo many suicides up here and the absurdly high drop out rates. </Mini rant on> I thought Teachers were suppossed to *gasp* TEACH the children, not load them down with assignments to teach themselves out of a book</rant off>
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