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Default 2.5L/2.2L build

Thought some of you guys maybe interested in this?

Firstly I'm not an engine builder by trade. Sure I've been working on cars for over 20yrs. I've built a various engines.

This is my first Subaru engine build. I have three 2.5L short blocks, one 2.2L short block, four 2.2L heads, two sets of 1.8 cams and rollers and all the other stuff needed to build an engine.

So first thing is to keep the work area clean, read the workshop book over and over(I use Haynes) and don't rush anything. Check, check ,check before you build. Double check the parts you buy are correct. DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING .Time wise it takes me about eight months of spare time work to build an engine.PATIENCE gets the job done.

So the Subaru engine to me was a bit of a weird design, me being used to 4 and 6 cylinder engines. So I made a point of call all the local engine builders and bugging them for any info. Some gave it others did not. First thing I found out was the pistons come out first and each piston is sized by the letters on the block top below the alternator.Mine was AAAB.Important if you buy new pistons. You have to take off some plugs/covers to get at the wrist pins. I made a tool to pull the pins by getting a long coach bolt from Home Depot and gripping it with some vice grips. Worked a treat. Once that's done it's just a case of splitting the block. Not to bore you with the details as the Haynes book covers it all.

So my plan after reading various threads is the use a Phase II block, Cobb coated bearings, Phase I pistons (square cut out) for safer comp ratio. Turbo oil pump, remote oil filter and cooler. New water pump and belt. 2.2L oil pan.
Once I'd built up the short block it was obvious the pistons cleared the block by a few thou, so using a Phase II gasket was not going to work as the pistons will be way to close to the head. So I opted for the Phase I gasket which is thicker.
While building the block I paid attention to the rods, bearings to make sure there where no tights spots. I double checked the clearances.

The 2.2L heads I did some porting around the valves and much much else. These heads seem to have a good design so no point in ruining that. I did a valve job and replaced the seals etc.I did get the heads surfaced and acid cleaned. The old rockers and cams I junked in favor of the 1.8L and rollors. The cams I sent off to Delta for their mild grind. Once back from Delta I did a lifters check in oil and fitted the good lifters along with the washers that Delta send to make the distance lost after the grind.
Note here that I only ever use engine builders grease to build the engine.
So the heads are done!

Next was bolting all the parts onto the block. Oil pump etc. I checked all the belt rollers which seem in good order. I'm using an Alloy flywheel and semi comp clutch. Also I purchased the kit the convert the input shaft on the tranny to a stainless steel sleeve to help with the clutch action. I have a lightweight pulley. Intake will get a clean up and matched to the heads.

ECU wil be stock, headers will be Ebay specials, high flow cat, 2.5 exhaust system.NGK sparkies, Diamond pack module and high performance leads. Sandard air box with a K+N filter.STI engine mounts.

Although this was a brief report, building this engine took a lot of effort and time.

That's where I am at present. Just about to pop the heads on and refit the engine. This could be a month away, so I report back when it's in.
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