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Angry Bath Subaru, Maine

i've put off writing this, because i just hate being vitriolic and negative. but i owe it to my fellows and those who are potential wrx owners to give you this story.

bath subaru, in woolwich, maine, is not a place to make a deal. i wanted to use them because they are located conveniently. they offered me a very good price on my new 02WRX, but then they tried to MURDER me on my trade-in.

now normally i never trade cars, rather i sell them outright. but i had this 01RAV4 that i knew was a hot ticket and should have good trade value. my research indicated that its trade-value should have been between 16k-17k.

bath subaru offered me 14k. what???!!! i told them they were out of their minds. they said that was all they could get from the toyota dealer to whom they would have to re-sell the car. i told them they were freakin' nuts.

so these clowns had to gaul to stand there and tell me that my car needed new tires, hence the price. the car was less than one year old! unbelievable. i asked them if they were crooked, stupid, or both. they said there was just nothing else they could do, that i should go ask their friend the toyota dealer what he would give me for the RAV4 in an outright sale. i told them he would obviously be looking for me and bullsh** me just as they had.

so i told them that i would, instead, go to charlie's motor mall in augusta, maine, and see what they said. charlie's owns a number of franchises - - among them subaru AND toyota. i left bath and headed up the road to augusta.

about ten minutes up the road, bath subaru is calling on my mobile. seems they have recalculated their numbers and would be able to offer me 15k for my RAV. i tell them, "wow, you were off by a thousand bucks?" they said that they would just keep the car themselves and sell it on their lot, hence the new number. so they were going to pay the toyota guy a grand just to sell the car??? get real. i told them they might hear back from me. i was going to charlie's.

okay, here's the punch line. i get to charlie's and tell them about my day, only i naturally omit any mention of specific numbers. i tell them i am pi**ed off at bath subaru and that they can make me very happy if they can better the deal they offered me. Here we go...

charlie's price on the WRX was $800 more than the price at bath, BUT charlie's gave me $18,800 on my trade-in!!! now that is gettin' busy. what fun to call the jerk at bath and tell him about the new offer. he was speechless. told me it must be a mistake. i told him he had made the mistake.

so there you have it. if you have $3000 to throw in a hole, go to bath subaru. if they treat you like they treated me, they'll smile and look so sincere as they give you the knife. look, if they will lie to your face like that, tacitly call you stupid, and dare you to prove them crooked, what kind of follow-up and service can you expect?

i don't have a lot of experience yet with carlie's so i can't render an opinion. i would say without hesitation that you should avoid bath subaru at all costs. had i used them, it would have cost me at least $3000.
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